Saturday, 17 June 2017


Amazon Buy Whole Food in $13.4 Billion

Recently Amazon Buy Whole Food in #13.4 Billion.

Whole Foods Market is an American Supermarket chain exclusively featuring foods without artificial preservatives, flavors, sweeteners,  colors, and hydrogenated fats. It is the United States (U.S) first certified organic grocer, which means it ensures, to national organic product standards, organic integrity of the heterogeneous products from the time they reach stores until they are placed in a shopping cart. It opened on September 20, 1980, in Austin, Texas. its current headquarters. As of September 2015, it has 91,000 employees and 431 supermarkets in the United States, Canada, and the  United Kingdom, and has its main produce procurement office in Watsonville California.

On June 16, 2017, it was announced that would acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 billion at $42 per share, a 27 percent premium to its previous closing price. Following the conclusion of the deal at the end of 2017, Whole Foods will become a subsidiary of Amazon, widely expanding its presence as a physical retailer. It is an all cash deal - the biggest transaction ever for the e-commerce player.


Reference: Wikipedia

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

chirag chauhan

how to seo using proper page title | seo in your website or blog

hi....friend today we are come to new topic in seo how to seo through your page title,how to ranking your site in used  proper page titl,how to seo using proper page title seo in your website or blog .
now followed my tips give below.

Page title in the title tag displayed on the title bar your browser . It is a part of the meta tags in the HTML inside the head ore title  area. The page title tells users and search engines about the type and nature of the information available on your page.
how to seo using proper page title | seo in your website or blog-techgot

Some important instructions to write optimized title tags are listed below:

how to seo using proper page title | seo in your website or blog

1)a Length: It should be a maximum of 60 characters long, i.e. Google usually displays the first 50 to 60 characters of a title tag. how to seo using proper page title | seo in your website or blog

2)the Keyword placement: Place the targeted keyword at the start of your title and keep the least important words at the end. 

3)the Keyword separation: Use vertical lines or pipes to separate targeted keywords and phrases, i.e. avoid the use of commas, underscores, dashes, etc. 

4)a Don't repeat title tags: and Write different titles for different pages not same all, i.e. don't place the same title on multiple pages  how to seo using proper page title | seo in your website or blog

5)a Simple: Your targeted keyword and phrases should be simple & short, i.e. avoid the worlds such as if, and, then, but, etc. 

6)the Website or company name: Don't use website company name in the title tag unless and it is very popular or part of your important keywords. how to seo using proper page title | seo in your website or blog

the Meta Title Tag: Syntax

  1. <!DOCTYPE html>    
  2. <html>    
  3. <head>    
  4.     <title> title Example </title>    
  5. </head>    
  6. <body>    
  7.     <p>Welcome to my techgot page.</p>    
  8. </body>   
  9.  </html>   
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Sunday, 19 February 2017

chirag chauhan

SEO in Design and Layout of a Website | how to SEO your website using layout

SEO in Design and Layout of a Website | how to SEO your website using layout

HI.friends,today we learn how to your website layout and design affect your ranking or your indexing Search Engine Optimization are work on layout and content how set images size and how heading,keyword keep real position all things are discuss this tutorial....

how to SEO your website using layout-techgot

1) Keyword Placement:

it target keyword place in right place on the page..text,header,headline,meta description and links  etc.proper keyword are placement is very important every page but its very important in to home,and use proper word for link:using a like "see more","read more" or "click her" use the word that describe its self.

2) Navigation:

navigation are important that make user friendly that user can easily find the desired content in less time,so move from one step to another simple and quickly.

some useful notes that make optimal your navigation.

1)make your nave in near top of the page.
2)add navigation in footer content.
3)add search button in top of the page 
4)don't modify the template that make your navigation are difficult.
its many thing are that it include and improve your site in seo.

 3) URL's and Filenames:

URL are very important that make optimized  the website easily identifiy follows below things.

1)don't use random number and letters in url.
2)minimize the length that easy copy and paste

the optimize the filename of  anyupload items like html,document,midea,image that use hyphen(-),underscores and space or plus sign to make its different.

4) Images:

image are important aspect of seo in your website follows tips for imges search engine optimization.
1)size of your images are small 30 or 100 kb and 72 dpi resolution are consider optimal search engine.
 2)image make place in context information on the pages .
3)use proper alt tags for the images as the search engine can only see word that not image.

5) Simplicity:

in that simplicity visitors come to find some complete information   so avoid some difficult design that not userfriendly some points to noted how make simple your website in seo.

1)your website in not add more colors,,maximum 5 colors.
2)choose readable font and its size use maximum three font type and three size that use seo,
3)avoid horizontal scroll and popup.
4)add suggestion plugins for help the user.
5)add  graphics if they help users perform specific action.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

chirag chauhan

SEO in google algorithm updates | Google Algorithm

hi friends today we discuses google algorithm that used to SEO your website,how to google used algorithm and which algorithm used and how it internally work that all things are discus it tutorial how to seo in your website so,lets start our seo tutorial.

SEO in google algorithm updates | Google Algorithm

Updates Of Google Algorithm.

beginning in  90's mainly search engine work or focused on backlinks and keyword matching so,low quality website easy to high ranking thats targates exatct keyword have lots of backlink.

so,solve that problem used,google introduced algorithm to filter the result so that it could clean web.and google improve algorithm and efficinty search engine.

so,some algorithm updates given below:

2016 updates.

penguin 4.0:

penguin are annoused september 23,2016,in that few change like it part of algorithm.

Mobile Friendly Boost Updates:

its launched in may 12,2016, to help friendly site on mobile.

2015 updates.

panda 4.2:

Google rollled out  panda refresh on the 17,july,2015 it has no immediate affecting ranking.

Mobile-Friendly Update (Mobilegeddon):

It was rolled out on 21 April, 2015. It made mobile-friendliness an important ranking factor for mobile searches. Its job was to boost the rankings of mobile-ready pages so that quality and relevant content could be provided to mobile users.

2014 updates. 

Penguin 3.0:

that is update on 17 October 2014.

Panda 4.1:

its was 27th version of panda  released by Google On 23 sep 2016,search engine see poor content small size better ranking.


it rolled out in 2014 july,for local business  and that create closer tie between local and core algorithm.

Panda 4.0

This Panda update was introduced on 19 May 2014, to help small websites and businesses with limited resources.

2013 Updates

Hummingbird 1.0

It Google on 20 August 2013 to better understand the changing face of the Web. It was capable of understanding the intent of long search terms instead of just recognizing specific keyword. It helped Google recognize long-tail search terms and accurately rank answers to such long-tail keywords. It enabled users to ask questions and get appropriate answers.

2012 Updates


It 24th April 2012  introduce to target the spamming the search results by buying link using some other link networks designed specifical to boost ranking.

2011 Updates


it was launch  feb 24 2011,its job de-rank content.

2010 Updates


in june 2010, Google Updates caffeine algorithm introduce indexing system.

2009 Updates

Caffeine (Preview)

  Caffeine August 2009, Google released the algorithm it change integrated indexing.


that was introduced in February 2009. 

2007 Updates


its introduced in june 2007.its search result of images and video.

2005 Updates


It was rolled out in December 2005. It was an infrastructure change that brought new technicalities related to URL canonicalization, redirects, etc. It helped Google to prepare for future developments.

2004 Updates


its update  february 2004.its improve google index LSI.


that was introduced on 23rd January 2004 and that it targeted meta tage stuffing.

2003 Updates


It was introduc in  16 November, 2003. It  significant change to Google's algorithm and put an end to the use of keyword stuffing to manipulate search engine results.


that  was introduced in July 2013. With this update Google changed its way of updating the index; now instead of indexing on a monthly basis, it started indexing on daily basis.


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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Akshay Patel

YouTube Go apk | V 0.26.67 beta

YouTube Go cover by
          Today we are going to tell you about the brand new app YouTube Go or we should call some tweak version of official YouTube app. YouTube Go is now in beta test, but soon it will be available. As a part of Google India Campaign, last year in September Google announced that they will launch India-specific YouTube app which is YouTube Go. And they also said that they will launch in India first.
           So, It's time for YouTube Go. Yes, you heard it right google just launched new app which is YouTube Go. As I said earlier that it's now in beta test. So, you have to enroll for beta YouTube Go.
But there is a problem and that is you can't sign up for the app because the room is already full.
To download YouTube Go apk link is given below.

What is YouTube Go?
- YouTube Go is a app which is made for specially we Indians and it is similar to YouTube.
Why is YouTube Go?
- As tagline says " ab mazze udao, data nahii!!" which means now you don't have to worry about data while watching or downloading YouTube videos.
- It's a small and very powerful app to watch, download and share videos or movies or TV-shows, etc..
- It gives you a preview of video.
- It gives users more control over data that is how much it is consumed while playing or saving particular video.
- It can save more data than YouTube app.
- It can save videos either in phone memory or SD cards
- You can share particular video which is downloaded with your friends without any data connection.
How to download YouTube Go?
 You can download YouTube Go apk from here.
How to use YouTube Go?
- Just download it from given link and click on install after successful download.
- Open YouTube Go app
- First, you have to select language. So click on language that you want.
YouTube Go language by
- Then you have to enter your 10 digit mobile number and click on NEXT.
YouTube Go mobile by
- In the next step you have to update your gmail account.
- Now, click on VERIFY NOW.
YouTube Go verify by
- You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. App will fetch it automatically.
- In the last click on START and the app is all your now.

Now you can search videos and discover new videos.
YouTube Go search by techgot.comYouTube go discover by
If you don't know what it's looks like then you can view the preview of particular video.
-You just have to click on video that you want to play and it will gives you a glimpse of video.
YouTube Go preview by
If you want to play, then press PLAY button. If you want to save, then click on SAVE button. For the quality it prompts you 2 quality which are basic and standard quality. Now it's on you in which quality you want to play video.

If you want to share downloaded videos then go to saved tab and click on SEND button. or if you want to receive videos from friends then click on RECEIVE button.
YouTube Go save by
If you want to change your video storage location then click on three dots.
There you will see settings.
YouTube Go settings by
In the settings you will find video storage. click on it and change it.

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Sunday, 5 February 2017

chirag chauhan

Types Of SEO | How to SEO In Your Blog

Hi Friend Today We come Next SEO Tutorial it Cover Types Of Seo And How It work SO it TWo Types of seo 1.white Hat Seo 2. Black Hat seo.its post we learn how to seo in website what thing is good what thing are not good what content and what info is goood your site its all thing in post how to increse the ranking....Types Of SEO | How to SEO In Your Blog.

Types Of SEO | How to SEO In Your Blog-techgot

1.White Hat Seo

In The techniques which comply with search #engine guidelines are used to improve search engine ranking on .search engine results pages (SERP).its good seo.

The Unlike  Black Hat SEO, it main  focuses on the #human audience opposed to a Search Engine. People who are looking for a long-term investment on their websites rely on white hat SEO s Focused on providing quality and relevant content to the users in white seo.

And most It focuses on optimum used of the keywords in title, metatags and body of content in seo white hat.

see, step the White Hate Seo popular technique in below.

Good Content :

in your wbsite All content are uniqee and valid that tips content make your website very trustable and trustworthyfor search enginee..its optimize your website anf ,make your website higher ranking because its full fill content for user and its satisfy the your uniqee content and higher ranking search enginee.

proper use metatage,keyoword and title. 

your website in used proper tag metatage and title because content in HTML code is know metadata.
it provide information crawale and indexing your website or classification so that used proper metatag in your website.

Site Performance

your site performance is also consider by search engine..any factor your website page not found and load your website that affect its in optimization so,your website is fast loading and accessible in all time any time.

Quality inbound links

 your site must have  Quality inbound links  search engine check regullery link it most relevent back link your site any back link and it refer other site than profite other site so,you make own backlink and put other high indexing website and make higher rank your website.

2.Black Hat SEO

Black Hat Technique is exploite weekness in search engine and get higher ranking of your website on earch engine results pages (SERP).not good seo.

Black Hat Seo it not a human audience its on a search engine,the people who quickly financial ranking long time balck hat.

the in seo Don't care about the quality of the content.
that Keyword density are  increased to achieve higher search engine ranking of the your website.

list of Black Hat technique give below..

Keyword Stuffing:

search engine also analyez keyword and keword density,some website higher ranking because its keword density is higher is used a Black Hat Technique.the keyword density in two to four percent it consider optimal your website its higher density in effect your ranking and reader.


its refers valid coding webpages its search engine consider set of content meanse your site in any gold price and click user and open other content so it not good practice its search engine consider thing you have valid content set properly.

Hidden Text:

Hidden Text is view Search engine but not view any user.this used for higher density and and improve internal link structure,it such any font size zero and white background and white font so that not see user but search engine it can.  

Doorway Pages:

its poorly written page which rich keyword but not relevant content user on link redirect unrelevent content information called doorway pages, These pages are used by black hat SEO professionals to pass on user traffic to unrelated sites.

Article Spinning:

this in  involves rewriting a single article produce  different copy  in such a way that each copy looks like new article. The content of such articles is repetitive, poorly written and has low value for the visitors. In this technique, such articles are regularly uploaded to create the illusion of fresh articles.

Duplicate Content:

The content copied from a website to publish it on another website as original content is known as duplicate content. This black hat technique is known as plagiarism.

How Search Engine Works

Search Engine is stage divide Three way....rawling, indexing and retrieval, so let we explain in 

1) Crawling

Types Of SEO | How to SEO In Your Blog-techgot
 The search engines have the web spiders to perform crawling. The task of crawler is to visit a web page, read it and follow the links to other web pages of the site. Each time the crawler visits a webpage it makes a copy of the page and adds its URL to the index. After adding the URL it regularly visits the sites like every month or two to look for updates or changes.


this stage..,$ the crawler creates the index of. The index is like a huge book which contains a copy of each web page found by the crawler.if the  any changes the crawler updates the book with new content.
So.... the index comprises the URL of different web visited by the different  crawler and contains the information collected by the crawler. This info is used by search engines to provide the relevant answers to users for their queries.


3) Retrieval

This is the final stage in whichprovides the most useful and the  relevant answers in a particular order. Search engines use algorithms to improve the search results so that only genuine information could reach to the users, e.g. PageRank is a popular algorithm used by search engines. It shifts through the pages recorded in the index and shows those webpages on the first page of results that it thinks are the best.


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