Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Vishal Kyada

Access PC/laptop from any device

Hello friends, In this article, we will show you how you can easily access your PC/laptop from any android or iOS device.

  1. Chrome browser.
  2. PC/laptop.
  3. Android or iOS device.

Follow below steps to access your PC/laptop from any android or iOS device.

  • Download Chrome Remote Desktop App from here for  Android device and click here for iOS.
  • Go to chrome web store from here and search Chrome Remote Desktop and click on add to chrome button and then add app in your PC/laptop.

Chrome Remote Desktop - Techgot

  • Click on Chrome Remote Desktop and then click launch app.

Chrome Remote Desktop - Techgot

  • Click on enable remote connections button and enter a PIN number and press Ok.

Chrome Remote Desktop - Techgot
Now take your Android or iOS device in your hand.

  • Open Chrome Remote Desktop app from android or iOS device.
  • It will show your PC/laptop name. Click on it and enter PIN you entered in your PC/laptop and re-type PIN.

        NOTE: Login with the same account that you are logged in your PC/laptop.

remote desktop app for mobile by techgot

and finally, you will see your PC/laptop in android device.

You can run your PC/laptop in 2 different modes.To switch between different mode click on an icon shown in a toolbar.
  • Touch Mode:
  •     Track pad Mode:  
You can do following things on the PC/laptop with different gestures.

Scroll up/down: Swipe with two fingers.
Click & drag: Touch, hold & drag.
Zoom IN: Pinch and stretch with 2 fingers.

Show keyboard: Swipe up with 3 fingers.
Show the toolbar app: Swipe down with 3 fingers.
Move the mouse: Swipe anywhere on the screen only in Trackpad mode.
Left click: Touch the screen.
Right click: Touch the screen with 2 fingers only in Trackpad mode.
Middle click: Touch the screen with 3 fingers only in Trackpad mode.


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