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Download Google Allo | A Smart Messaging App [latest]

Hello friends,There are many instant messaging apps like Whatsapp messenger, Hike messenger, Line etc....But Google just launched a new smart instant messaging app called "Google Allo". Google Allo is available to download for Android as well as iPhone.The idea of Google Allo is just a smart messaging app than other. If you want to try google's new amazing instant messaging app then you just have to create an account. In this post, we will tell you how to use and what are the amazing and interesting features of this smart instant messaging app. Google Allo like Whatsapp messenger app in security protocol because of "End to End Encryption" feature.

Features of Google Allo Application:

Google Allo is a smart instant messaging application which makes our chat or conversation more easy, reliable & more expressive. Main features of the app are given below.
  1. Response Without Typing.
  2. Stickers, Doodles, Huge Emojis.
  3. Fonts and whisper-shout 
  4. Google Assistant.
  5. Incognito mode.
  6. Ink.

  • Response Quickly Without Typing

     Google Allo gives smart reply, respond to a message by just tapping suggestion. It will automatically suggest reply for your received message. For Example: If your friend messaged you "How are you?" then it will suggest "I'm fine" , "I'm good", "Fine" and many lots of suggestions
Google Allo apk Techgot

  • Stickers, Doodles, Large emojis

         Now a day's people are express their emotions using stickers, doodles, emojis. Through sticker, we express feeling or intensity of the text message. Millions of stickers, doodles and emojis  are available in an app to use it with your friends.

Google Allo apk Techgot

  • Fonts and whisper-shout

         Now you can make a proper reply with stylish google font and you can also make changes in images by using doodle feature. Another more exciting feature is whisper-shout, through it, you can change the size of text to larger or smaller to tell about  message importance. It can  widely use in group chat. By using whisper shout feature no more need of TYPING ALL LETTERS IN CAPS. You can change size by just swipe up or down.

Google Allo apk Techgot

  • Google Assistant 

           Google assistance is integrated on Google allo app, which makes an app more smarter than others. It has  some important tools like a translator, news, poems, weather, sport, games, etc....It can be an also use as your PA.We can say that Google assistant is upgraded version of Google Now.

Google Allo apk Techgot

  • Incognito mode

           Incognito mode is another best feature of Google Allo application. Incognito mode allows you to "end to end encryption". It allows "selective end to end encryption", which means you can chat with friends that are selected for incognito mode. You can also set an expiration time of your chat which will be deleted automatically after an expiration time.

  • Ink
            Create photos that you want to send by doodling or adding text. 

Click below to download latest Google Allo app.

How to install Google Allo app:

  • Download Google Allo From above Link according to your device and install in your device.
  • Enter your mobile number and hit next button.

Google Allo apk Techgot

  • A Code will  send on this number through SMS. Enter this code to verify Mobile number.
  • Set your username and profile picture and hit next button.

Google Allo apk Techgot

  • Now you are ready to use Google Allo app.
Google Allo apk Techgot


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Download Google Allo | A Smart Messaging App [latest]
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