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How to Increase Facebook likes free latest 2016

Hello guys,
        Did you know what is auto like or autoliker.By using facebook auto liker you can get free facebook like. many people ask me how to auto like facebook photo.facebook auto liker or facebook liker is a best way to get facebook auto like.For free Facebook likes or to get facebook like easily read this post carefully.

 In this post we will show you how to increase Facebook Likes in photo by using auto like.To get auto like  on facebook photo follow the below procedure step by step.

There are many way in market to get free facebook likes.but we suggest you to download this app for free facebook likes.

DJ liker is facebook autoliker or auto like tool get free facebook likes instantly.

But before getting free facebook likes, It is mandatory  to apply following change in your Facebook account.

Make sure to change "who can follow you" to PUBLIC , By going to Facebook Setting privacy."
  1. First login your Facebook account.
  2. Download the dj Liker app on your android device by click here.
  3. Then open dj liker app and press on "Login with Facebook" button.
  4. Then enter the captcha code and press enter.
  5. After pressing enter it will show you two options.
          a)."USE AUTO LIKER": To increase your Facebook Likes.
          b)."USE AUTO COMMENT": To increase  your Facebook comments.

     ***you can choose any option as per your requirement.

After selecting you have to select any one option from the below list as per your requirement.(Status or Photo)

a)"STATUS":- Select the "STATUS"option to increase the status likes.
b)."PHOTOS":- Select the "PHOTO" option to increase the photo likes.

Example:In this example we will  show you the steps to increase the photos likes.
  • Press "Login with Facebook" option.
facebook auto liker -techgot
  • Enter captcha code and press submit button.
facebook auto liker -techgot
  •  Select "USE AUTO LIKER" option.
  • Then click on "PHOTOS" option.
facebook auto liker -techgot

  • Then it will show your Facebook uploaded photos, select any one photo.
  • Then it will Show you popup menu to select the number of likes that you want to increase in your Facebook photo and press on submit button.
Bingo..!!! Now your like is incresed,
To check this go to your Facebook account and refresh the page.

Please Wait 5 minutes after use djliker First time to see your increased like on Facebook.

Note:- You have to wait for 15 minutes before you are going to next status or photo.

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How to Increase Facebook likes free latest 2016
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