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Akshay Patel

How to use Jio 4G sim on 3G android smartphones | 100% working

Hii Friends,Now a days a new era is rising in mobile networks and also in smartphones..Yes you think right it is Reliance Jio 4G sim which is publically launched in India on 5th September 2016...

Today I am going to tell you that if you own Jio 4G sim then how can you use it in your 3G Android Smartphone..

Note: After successfull in getting signal of Jio sim you can access internet as 3G speed not at 4G speed because this trick will help you deceive Jio sim that you have 4G phone..So you can access internet and downloading at 3G speed.

First you have activated Jio 4G sim then follow the steps given below..

Note: We recommend you to use your Jio 4G in sim-1 slot.
And we are not sure that all of Samsung Devices are getting Jio 4G sim working Because most of samsung devices are packed in Broadcom chipset..So sorry for that but try it if it will work in your device..

Method 1: Using your phone's dialpad

You just have to dial *#*#4636#*#*
You will see Testing page.
Now you have to select Phone Information and then scroll down untill you can see Set Preferred network type.There you can select LTE/GSM/CDMA auto.
Switch off your device and put sim in slot-1 and keep slot-2 empty.
Now switch on your device and you will see there Jio network..That's it..

Method 2: Using MTK Engineering Mode App

First you have to download MTK Engineering mode App from here.
Now open downloaded app.
Now go to MTK settings.
And select Android Settings.
Then Select Phone Information.
And scroll down untill you see set preferred network type. There you have to select LTE only mode.
Now Shut down your device and put sim in slot-1 and keep slot-2 empty.
Switch on your device and there you will see Jio netwotk.

Enjoy unlimited internet.....


Remember All Tricks Only for the Education Purpose and is not intended to affect any company or organization or android developers, Techgot will not Responsible, if any kind of damage occurs.!Thanks You !

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