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Slide app | Grab instant free recharge of Rs.10 per hour [UNLIMITED].

Hello friends,

                There are many applications like mcent, pocket, earntalktime, ladoo etc.. to get easy free recharge. So, Today we come up with new app called Slide app. With this app you can grab unlimited recharge of minimum 10 rs per hour.This application is best for get unlimited instant recharge.
To grab free recharge you just require internet connection each time when you unlock your device.
Advantage of Slide app over other free recharge app is that you can get instant money whenever you unlock your device and it says that unlock +0.1 in your slide app.

Different ways to earn recharge.

  1. By just unlocking your android device.
  2. By just referring to your friends.
  3. By just download and register on application.

slide application - Techgot

 Follow below steps to grab unlimited recharge.

  • Download Slide app from HERE(Download through this link so you can get Rs.5 Free).
  • Install and open slide app in your android device.
  • Press  on "START SLIDE" option to start.
slide app -techgot
  • Either join SLIDE and make account or Login with facebook account. We recommend you to Join SLIDE.  
facebook login -techgot
  • Enter your currently working mobile number and verify number via OTP. 
mob no verify -techgot

  • Select area in which you are interested to view news on lock screen.
intesrest -techgot

  • Done..!!
Now you just have to unlocking your device in order to make a real money for free recharge.

Earn recharge by just unlocking android device

  • Lock android device(press power button).
  • Unlock android device and you will see slide lock on device screen.
  • Swipe lock right to open lock.
  • Or if you are interesting in downloading or registering app then you have to swipe left.

  • Swipe up 4-5 times and you should get 0.15 rs for just unlocking your device.
  • If you see +0.15 to go on upper side of round lock button then swipe up untill you can see unlock +0.15.
  • Follow above steps to grab unlimited recharge. 

 Grab recharge by downloading and registering application.

  • swipe lock to left and press ok to install application.
download and register -techgot

  • Open application and register on it.
  • Go to slide app and refresh(pull down) and check your slide app balance.
  • follow above steps to get unlimited recharge.

Earn recharge just by Invite: 

  • You can earn money just by inviting your friends to download this app.
  • Every time your friends download and register on this app then you and your friend also get Rs. 5 for free. 

How to do recharge in your device:

  • Open slide application.
  • Click on "GET REWARD".
recharge -Techgot
  • Click on mobile top-up and choose appropriate package, operator and ₹ and then click on 'Redeem now' button.
  • Recharge will be done with in 24 hour.

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Slide app | Grab instant free recharge of Rs.10 per hour [UNLIMITED].
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wow. amazing app. i got 50Rs. free recharge from slide
thanks for sharing