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Download Lucky Patcher:Remove ads form app & hack any game

Hi. Friends In this article we are going to show you what is the use of Lucky patcher application and lucky Patcher use to patch any application of android and ios.patch means you can Remove ads that display in an application, unlock any game level etc.You can download Free Lucky Patcher app for a rooted and unrooted device from here. Here Download link is directly Provide to you, so you can download Lucky Patcher app safely. and also guidance for installing and how to use Lucky Patcher app is given Step-by-Step.


What is Lucky Patcher apk why it use:

Lucky Patcher is app, that is available for rooted and unrooted mobile device, but only for android devices, it can't available for ios user because android is open source so any developer can modify its application while in ios it is not possible because it is not open source.To use lucky patcher you need to download lucky patcher app from below link.After Installing Lucky Patcher on your android device, it will allow following change in your phone.

  • Install mod app on your phone.
  • Unlock the game level 
  • Download purchase app free
  • Remove ads from games and apps
  • Remove license verification from application and game

The notable feature of lucky patcher app is that it works even on non-rooted devices, which is rare in such kind of tool but Note that Lucky Patcher works fully only on rooted devices only.

To use all features of Lucky Patcher first root your android device, we recommended you to use Kingroot to root your device because it doesn't require to connect your phone to PC.


To apply custom patch follow the below steps:

  • Look for the app or game that has “Custom patch available” below, then tap on it.
  • Select Open menu of patches => custom patch. If multiple custom patches are available select any one of them. (You can try other if first one fails).
  • Tap apply and Wait for some minutes until “Patches are applied” is seen. Congrats!!!

  • If “Patch couldn’t be applied” message is displayed,,, Please upgrade or downgrade version of your app or game as said by lucky patcher to fix this. 

Note:- Please keep lucky patcher installed on your device if you had applied a custom patch to any app. Otherwise, the patch applied will be lost.

Lucky Patcher iOS:

Many people search for lucky patcher app for ios. Lucky Patcher iOS version is still not developed, and  a never thing be developed. Android OS is open Source, and great Developers that's why develop this kind of apk's for android mobiles. But In iOS, it’s impossible for developing this kind of app. Well, There is no have a Lucky Patcher app for iPhone.

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Download Lucky Patcher:Remove ads form app & hack any game
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